Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Back to Reality

Back to reality and everyday living......sad but true...the holiday is's been a very long day and night. We flew out of Maui last night at 10:45pm with would have been 1:45 Pacific Time......our plane was late leaving and with only an hour and a half to change planes in Vancouver,,,,,hokee doddle, they cut it close. But we zipped through customs with no problems, and we even had a few minutes to spare. Sleeping on the plane with crying babies around you is not the easiest thing in the world to do. I dosed off and on and woke up abouat an hour before landing so I managed to get a cup of coffee but the minute I sat down on the next flight I was out like a light......I think I will be looking forward to my own bed tonight. Trish and I will be running in the morning, so even if it is only 7pm, I am not far from packing it in for the day.

Last Maui Sunset

Sun Going down in Maui

Brilliantly colored bushes lining the properties

Pretty Flowers

I love these Hibiscus, especially this peachy orange.

And of course, this last one of me on a rock, in a river, totally posed!
So tomorrow it is back to work and back to my girls. Routine is good, schedules are a necessity in my life. I like to know where, when, and to what my day will bring.....I am spontaneous and adventurous but I like my daily rituals. How about you? So you like routines? Do you like schedules? I am a creature of habit,just some things I like to be normal everyday... it just starts my day in the most right of ways. When I get my second wind, I will be starting a few projects that my wee tiny little brain conspired over the last few weeks. Mahalo for your time and may sun always shine on your face.

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