Sunday, May 15, 2011

It's got me thinking.........

"I don't know about you Steve but it looks like she's falling down on the yard work"........"ya I was just thinking it looks pretty sad". "We'll have to tell her to get out here."
  I think Spring has finally arrived today. May the 15th and the temperature was above 20'C. Woooohooo! So the Hubs and I spent quality time together on Saturday.......yes sweet.........and hardly a curse, well OK, maybe a few....but overall we spent three hours of H-E-L-L in the garage. Because Monday we are getting the floor re-cemented. Yes, one of those thousands of dollars jobs that you know you need to do but keep putting it off because well who wants to spend money on those kind of house renos? Not I! But unfortunately if we were to put the house up for sale, the buyer(s) would want it fixed. I don't recall if it was there when we bought the house but who looks at a garage floor? So it has to be done....cause you never know we may move out of this country someday........It was a painful job but really it went quite quick considering there was probably 7 years of accumulations of "stuff"..................NIGHTMARE!!!!! DUST! SPIDER WEBS!!!! Yuck!! Yuck!!!!  A few trips to the dump and to the swap shed.....transfer a few things here and there and Whaaaa La! But it is clean now baby! I think I will give it a coat of paint but no time today......

Very Empty Garage, that is in dire need of a paint job!

 Sunday started off with a 10km run with Susan down to the bridge and back. It was a beautiful morning but a mere 2'C......but at least the sun managed to break through by the time we were heading home the last felt good today but I made sure I was well hydrated not like the other day when I thought I was going have the life sucked out of it's was all good, for me anyway.....Susan not so great.....
My oldest daughter is coming up tomorrow so I needed to get some groceries and do some running around....and got home had a cup of "Jo" and then proceeded to weed these flower beds in the backyard. I dread doing this as I usually end up crippled and can't bend, but so far so good.....I'll just make sure I pop a muscle relaxant before I go to bed tonight. and it will be all good.

Now for a few bedding plants and we are set for the summer. Thank for the front flower bed................later....................time for tea....hope your weekend was a good one. Talk soon.

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