Thursday, May 12, 2011

A Milestone......

So this is my 200th post, wow! I probably would have 300 but gets in the's been a busy week and as I said..... I was having a hard time getting organized and collecting my thoughts. But I seem to be on the mend but unfortunately it has been so cold and miserable since I got home, all I want to do is curl up in front of the fireplace and crochet to my hearts content. I went to Michaels on Saturday just to check on the sales.....and low and behold what a sale! And coupons on sale items!!!!! Just,  what I did not need......and not only did I buy a few balls of yarn that day I went back on Sunday and purchased another whack. Okay so I have an addiction....I will be the first to admit it.....but it could be worse. These did not cost a lot of money and the end result will make some moola!

This is just acrylic yarn but it will make great cowls, that will be washable and dryer safe.

These neckwarmers, I think will end up being a great hit with people, well at least I am hoping.

Trish and I have been out running again and getting back into our regular routine, on Monday, we ran our regular town route but have decided that it is not long enough and will be increasing it a few kms. On Wednesday, we went from my house and did the "retched" trek to the bridge and back. Susan came with us so that she could get a run in this week, and to top it off, it was raining "cats and dogs" and whatever else it could throw at us. Needless to say we were soaked to the bone but hey whatever, it was fun just to get out.

So that would be about all for now......I am cruising through the yarn and through the streets trying to get back to "normal"................welll whatever that may be I am not quite sure. I'm just glad I don't live on the Hart with all the snow they got this morning......Hello? It is mid-May!!!! Flowers!!!!

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