Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Glad that's Over!

What a weekend around our household! Hokey Doodle!!!! Saturday morning started with three gallons of paint and a room 18x22 to get started on. The Hubs was going to help paint but after some discussion his needs were better off building the new landing and new stairs so that we could eventually start using the garage door entrance. Needless to say we had our work cut out for us. Six sraight hours of painting and building, I did finish my end of the chores but we decided the stairs needed to be stronger and therefore a trip to the Depot to return stair risers and new "metal" risers were in order. I love going to Home Depot....I could spend hours wondering around there but not so much the Hubs! Get in and get out! Yup that's his motto! Not I though........Oh the things you can see and do, and things to think you can do..............yes I am my father's daughter.......but we were in and out a few hundred dollars later. Then we treated ourselves to a quiet dinner and some relaxation to go over our accomplishments of the day and to contemplate what else needed to be done. But it sure looks nice in there now. Let me tell you! Clean! Now only to keep it like that. I don't plan on living in here but at least now it's brighter and cleaner looking. So here is a before in its ugliness......minus all the junk...........

Cracked Floor and bare bones gyproc

Storage.....but still thinking of some better solutions

The Master Carpenter building the new landing and stairs
I have to say I am glad that job is over....we have been putting it off for a few years because it is a huge investment of time and MONEY but it is one of those things that eventually you have to do, otherwise when it came time to sell.....and it will happen at sometime or another......the buyers would want it done. This way we still get to enjoy and use it for a few years and admire our handywork. I still need to pick up a few wall hangers for shovels, brooms, rakes etc. to hang on INSTEAD of 6 inch railway spikes that were the preferred method before. Now on to the gardening.......oh dear, my poor back................

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