Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday Thoughts

It's been crazy around here the last couple of days, I have so many things on the go and just want to finish up details on a few of them and get them done! I will admit the biggest project was the bathroom and now that I am down to the sealing of the tiles and around the vanity, it was a little overwhelming. I could not have done this without Larry. The next re-do I could probably figure it out.....maybe. So now that I am down to the pretty part I can see the end of the tunnel.

Daniel and I went looking at VW's on Wednesday and I think I've made up my mind. We'll see today.....

Note to self for the next time I give blood.........Do Not , Do Not , try and run the next day. The run  was fine a little tiring but the rest of the day was pretty much a gong show. I ate lots, drank lots, but it did not seem to make me feel myself. I was productive in an odd-ball sort of way.  Today I am good. Thank goodness, things to do, places to go! See you later, have a great weekend.

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