Sunday, July 4, 2010

On the road to home

I left Sechelt Saturday morning at 7:15 am to catch the 8:30 am ferry to the mainland. I decided to stay an extra day as it isn't often I get time alone with my mom just to wonder about. And wonder we did. It took a little maneuvering to get everything in the truck, but manages just fine. So we docked at 9:10 and proceeded the trek through Vancouver to the Fraser Valley. It seemed to take forever to get out there but realistically it was only an hour. A lot of construction, with the widening of the freeway. A necessity I guess since there are soooo many people moving there. I made a quick stop into the Abbotsford Winners, and Home Sense, it's huge. I really could have spent a looong....time in there but held back and back on the freeway. I was gassing up in Hope so that I could make it through to Williams Lake cause their gas was so darn cheap 97 cents! I think Hope is one of the windiest cities/towns I know of. It is never calm there. So then, it was the push to get home and I knew from there it would be 7 hours and I was right on to the minute.
A beautiful drive through the Canyon, same old picturesque towering mountains of granite but nonetheless, its always an amazing sight. So I took a few shots through the windshield.....

So I tried to get all the tunnels but unfortunately, I missed a few because I really did need to concentrate on driving and not taking photos! Imagine that? And the drivers behind me were really starting to annoy me with there tailgating.....

Hells Gate is still a tourist attraction, but not for the likes of me. Thank you very much, going down the side of a cliff on a cable, course I did go up to the top of Jasper's mountain.....different thou.... no raging river at the bottom. But this.... I would like to try some day before I am too old and afraid the scare may give me a heart attack...

But I think white water rafting down the Thompson River or is it the Fraser River, never sure where it is they meet. But I do think that would be a lot of fun!

This photo is for Lee, our Scottish friend. Remember this? I am sure you have one just like it!
Well, I am back home tomorrow, did some running around today, got a few things to start my next few projects. Trish and I will do a run tomorrow, hopefully nothing is ailing.... Hope you all had a great Canada Day Weekend, and Happy July 4Th!

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