Sunday, July 11, 2010

Just dreading......renos

Well I've put it off long enough. I am finally going to start the renovation of our en-suite. I've been collecting the materials for over a year. and I think I have just about everything. It's not that I don't like doing them, its the unknown, that you find as you go along.....but I will be positive that within a week it will be done.

We had a beautiful hot weekend. Trish and I ran on Saturday morning, at 6am it was already 16'C. I think when we came back after an hour or so, and 12km, we were probably down a gallon of fluids. Yikes it was warm. But we had a good run and did a lot of sight seeing along the way, checking out cars at Nissan and Kia.

I really want to get a "Soul" they are just so darn cute. But first I will have to test drive one to see how I like it. In the meantime, I will keep looking. But I can totally see me loving this car!

These are the Tiger Lilies before the heat wave.

And these are the Tiger Lilies after a few days of sun and heat!

Well you may not hear from me for a few days but you never know.....have a good one!

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