Friday, July 2, 2010

Ocean Blue

It was a beautiful day today on the Sunshine Coast. Mom and I had an early start today by going out the Willow Creek Nursery. Oh my what a wonderful place, it is owned by two lovely ladies, English I think, oh what beautiful gardens they have. The trees, flowers, perennials, annuals.....what a treat. I think Mom and I spent the better part of an hour or more there. Then we killed some time driving up around the back of Northwest Bay. Some very nice places tucked away on the back road. I found a very cool idea that I am going to make and will have to incorporate into the garden next Spring. I will get it built this summer. So neat. Then we rushed home, water the garden and headed down to the Lighthouse Pub to meet my brother and wife and friends for lunch. Ten of us in total enjoyed a wonderful lunch over looking the Porpoise Bay inlet.

After lunch and good-byes to everyone, Mom and I went into an antique consignment shop and I found a wonderful little coffee table that I had to buy, and will refinish either for myself or if Jane would like it. Then we did a quick jaunt around town, into a few shops but nothing too exciting that I couldn't live without.

Dropped Mom off at home and whipped down to the beach to grab some driftwood. you can never have too much driftwood. Then came home and packed up the car and shuffled things around so that my new "things" would all fit in. Plants, rocks, driftwood, tables, and goodies.....Ahhh it's been a good week. But tomorrow I will be catching the 8:20 ferry and heading back to the mainland and then heading home. So have a great weekend.

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