Thursday, July 22, 2010

Drop Cloths are the Best!

Oh where, oh where, do I has been one busy week. The bathroom is coming along very nicely. The tiles are grouted and the vanity is painted, the walls are painted......floors needs doing but not till the painting is finished and the grouting around the sink back splash. Yikes what a performance....oh well its getting the other night I got started on my drop cloth drapes for the family room windows. I know, like I don't have enough things going on! The first one was a wee bit frustrating, but I persevered and did the other two panels last night and quick, quick, and they were done. Once I got a technique down it went really smooth. Trish had made her a few weeks ago and they looked great. Shanty2Chic had made some for the nursery and with a few alterations to the design, I made mine finally, now the Mr. has his curtains to pull.

It would have been nice to have a fabric store to go to for trim but no such luck. I don't mind them plain, there's enough other things going on. With the left over fabric, I think I may cover the throw cushions from the couch.

Our son is coming home this weekend. Yea! He is done Combat School and survived. So he'll be home and about for a few weeks for some home cooked meals and much needed R&R. We knew he would make it through this portion of the training but it is really tough on the guys and out of 40 guys and girls, only 28, I think graduated. So we are very proud of him. Now to put some weight back on and relax. He's not much for baking so I don't think I will knock myself out but I will make a couple of batches of cookies once he is here.

Next week, I will tackle the flooring. Still haven't figured out storage in the bathroom.....or decided on "to wallpaper, or not to wallpaper?" Time to go horizontal. Have a good night!

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