Saturday, July 24, 2010

Cementing Friends

Friday night Trish invited myself and two friends from work over to her house, so I could show them how to make cement rhubarb leaves. So Kyra and Sandra showed up ready to rumble. Everyone had on their old clothes so as not to ruin their good ones. I had on nice clothes as I already new I wasn't getting dirty! Well after exchanging introductions and a glass of vino, we headed to the garage where we had everything set up. Mixed up a few bags of cement......interesting.....someone not mentioning any names of course was a little aggressive with the stirring and wore a shovel full of cement! Not to worry "easy peasy" to clean up. But none the less very funny!
Amazing how fast you can work when there are a few people. So after a hilarious hour, we completed about a dozen leaves.

These are the crazy girls! And quite proud of the accomplishments.

Of course there was the swearing of secrecy, pinky swears etc. The process of making these is still in my mental locker for future endeavours.

Then is was a lovely evening sitting on the patio nibbling hors d'oeuvres and sipping wine. A beautiful warm evening with new friends and old. Thanks Trish, that was really fun!

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