Monday, July 19, 2010

Jill of all Trades! Well kind of.......

The weekend was spent doing weekly rituals of cleaning house, laundry, baking, oh... and refinishing furniture. I left my renovator hat on the counter on Friday and spent the weekend being a mom. I must really love my kids, I baked cookies for the girls and had to hide them so someone wouldn't eat them all..mmmm....then went out to the Big Box on the hill and picked up a few supplies to continue with the tiling today. Trish and I had a 11km run Sunday morning, a new route that wasn't so bad once we were into it. A nice breeze and not too warm. We've already thought out the route for next weekend. But in the meantime, I decided it was as good a time as any to start stripping the layers of urethane off the antique coffee table that I picked up in Sechelt. Jane will be the lucky recipient of the table once it's done. I think it should be really quite nice.

This is not an easy job, my arms were sore after multiple coats of stripper and scraping, and sanding. Not done yet but getting there. Patience..... A job not to be rushed. Vic the finishing carpenter was a big help to make sure I do it right. Sure is good to know all these talented people.

But Monday it was back to the bathroom and get with the tiling......OMG! An experience in itself, let me tell you. I've tiled before, but little walls and floors, not a shower where it is a confined space and it needs to be precise. Good thing for Larry he is a Jack of all Trades! I may have been able to muddle through but I still wouldn't be done. But we are done till the mortar dries and sets, I will finish the clean up tomorrow morning. After I get back from our run to the bridge and back. Then its a trip to the "dentist" ugh........see you later....!

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