Friday, July 9, 2010

Summer Time

Well summer arrived this week, and I think it will be around till next week, I like the heat but not stifling hot. It was muggy today, overcast but definitely hot. The tomatoes plants are liking the heat and the flowers are doing fantastic but too much heat will wilt just about everything. The temperature in the greenhouse reached a whopping 112' F. That is way too warm for these plants.....

I don't know what is wrong with this plant but it is the only one that wilts during the day but perks right back up at the end of the day....odd....

Trish and I are going to run in the morning but early cause even at 6 am it is suppose to be 11'C. I don't like the heat on these days, but at least it isn't snowing!

This poor kitty wishes it would cool down just a tad.

Doesn't he look impressed, no worries he always looks this way, that's just his way.
So have a good evening and keep your cool!

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