Sunday, August 1, 2010

Whoop, Whoop! I have a .......

VW City Golf

Okay so I am a little excited about my "new" car, and it is "brand new" and smells sooooooo good! The little silver bullet is a dream to drive. It's been many years since I owned a VW and I just wonder what I was thinking all these years?   I love it!   And it is very cool!

Well today was a very busy day. Trish and I ran this morning, at 6:30 because I am a sadist at heart! But more so because it was going to be very hot again, and as it turned out by the time we were done our 14plus km the temperature was 19'C. I am sure we lost a few pounds in liquids. I know I wasn't feeling very good by the time we got back to our cars and certainly drained the water bottle lickety split! So after having an extra large double-double I was coming around. Then I came home and showered and chowed down some eggs and another espresso. Okay I'll live now. Then the Hubby and I went out to Crappy Tire cause he is on a mission to tidy the shed and the garage, so we got a garden tool organizer, and as it turns out we need another, I thought that when we were there but really there are "many" shovels. Then I got over to Michael's while we were at that end of town and got some paint pens, not sure if I like them or what? You'll see.....came home loaded up for the dump, cause I missed garbage day and well there's a lot of junk left over from the bathroom re-do.  I told myself today I was going to do some "Me" projects and I did just that and finished 1 of the 2 projects, I think they are very chic, and I'm probably the only one that knows what they say!

Well so it doesn't take much to get me excited! It's been a great weekend. I hope you had a good one too! Good night, Mon Amis!

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