Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A little over the top

Well, I will be the first to admit when I get on a roll about something, my OCD kicks into high gear until I burn myself out . So right now I am loving the drop cloth and making pillows! I know crazy! I pity my friends. Guess what they will get for gifts???? But I have been doing a lot of other little jobs so that I am not totally over the moon. But this is my newest and cute too. Right? Ya, I thought so!
I would have preferred putting black buttons on the corners but couldn't find four the same. Or the size I wanted. But I will keep an eye out and I am sure they will turn up some where, even if it is off a black jacket that I probably have hanging in my closet.

I feel Fall in the air, and it is so tempting to start decorating for Autumn......but it's too soon but in a few weeks. I love these grasses that Pat has growing in her yard. They sway so nice and add such a nice texture to her garden. I was in Michael's the other day trying to find a half basket or container of some sort and they have all the Fall foliage out and I was almost ready to pick up some Sunflowers and thought better to just walk away. I have enough foliage in Fall colors and will just use those ones. Aren't you proud of my will power? I was.......

I looooovvvvvvve my Limelight Hydrangea's, they glow in the evening light. They are just all starting to bloom, so come September, I will pick a few and place them around. They are the perfect dried flower to have all Autumn around the house. I've even decorated a Christmas tree with them, quite beautiful. When I was out yesterday, I made a pass through the Sally Ann Thrift Store and found theeee cutest little cabinet, I know if it is still there in a day or so it will be coming home and I have just the spot for it to go when it's been revamped. And "no" I have not finished that darling little coffee table but close! It was just a little tiring stripping and stripping, years of lacquer.......Well that's it, that's all, the evenings are cooler and sleeping is quite pleasant, mornings are a little chilly but good for a run. Tomorrow, it is going to be a quick 5km and then the pool and then the WW challenge. Have a good night!

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