Monday, August 16, 2010

A Wee Bit of a Meltdown.....

Do you ever have one of those days when you really doubt that you have even an ounce of creativity? This morning I was on a roll and thought I would simply whip up my curtains for the dining area. No big deal right? Heavens i made my family room curtains in a matter of hours once I knew what I was wasn't pretty! I thought  maybe I was having a severe case of Alzheimer's....not only did my sewing machine not want to perform, my brain would not calculate anything I was trying to put together. Well perseverance prevailed......the light bulb came on and it was all good..... Lord help me when that happens. This is how they turned out and I am quite happy with them.

So I was on a roll after that and headed outside because I had been wanting to weed-whack the flower beds and around the yard, so one thing led to another, and another and then.... well might as well mow the lawn while I was out there, so I changed into lighter clothes since the temperature was creeping up to the mid- twenties, and be comfortable. So a couple of hours later, came in and thought I really should get the sealer on the grout in the shower...then I was ready for a Y&R break and a special coffee.

I love my Keurig coffee maker! Mmmmmmm....... which one should I have?
I watched a litttle of Y&R, Lauren and Jill were heading to court, Cloe is one the trail to find out about Ronan, so after my coffee and a quick fix of my soap. Had a quick chat with Trish and set up our run for the morning. We will run on the Hart tomorrow and hopefully the smoke won't be too bad up there. Geez, it was bad today! I knew I didn't have long before the man was coming home so I headed to my sewing room again......I know sucker for punishment! I had a pillow I wanted to get done and I did.

Yes I know it's just decoration but it's cute! Hey! And at the rate my mind is going ...I'm going to need gentle reminders of who I am!
Did this one a few weeks ago, but this cutie sits on my bed.

It is sitting here strictly for photo purposes. Well tomorrow I am going to run out to Summit Lake ( not physically, in my car) and visit my friend Pam, on the island. It's so pretty out there, and I can't wait to see all the new additions to the cottage. Thanks for stopping by! See you tomorrow.

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