Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Lost a day....

I cannot understand why Telus works one minute and then poof gone the next! It's very frustrating, imagine a day without internet! So I had to make busy. Cleaning out drawers, shredding files from 1987 up to 2001. OMG! The shredder was overheating more than me! About 4 garbage bags later it was all done. Painful but so cleansing..... It is suppose to be a sunny day but so far it isn't looking promising.
A field near Grand Forks, I love paint horses.

It was a great photo of them running across the field there were more but moving at 100km, I was lucky to catch that many!
I saw this van parked at the beach at Christina Lake and just loved the saying on the back.
Isn't it funny? Got to remember that one!

Our son is heading back to Shilo on Friday and I think he has had enough time off, you know what happens when guys get bored....moody. As much as I would like to have him around I would rather he was away and busy. He will have a long drive on Friday, and Saturday, good thing there will be two of them.
Ducks and Canadian Geese on Kootenay Lake
Well I hope to get to Home Depot today and a few other places, I have a few ideas in the pan and I need some supplies. Also, I still need to order a shower door. Plus go visit my friend on the Hart! If she is in .....that is from the lake..... have a great day!

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