Thursday, August 19, 2010

Visiting the Lake

I've been off-line for a few days due to technical difficulties and I was not happy but then the repair men came from Telus and fixed us up. So we are back into the Global world. Thank Heavens! Severe withdrawal pains but did get some projects done and cleaning.  It's all good!

On Tuesday morning, "The Silver Bullet" and I took a road trip to Summit Lake to visit Pam and Chet at the Cabin. It is so beautiful out there. I can really understand why people have a place at the lake, although our season is usually much shorter than it was this year. It truly is a treat to spend time at the lake.

The view from the front porch.

 On the wharf going up to the cabin.

I wish I could grow Nasturtiums like this. Then, Pam has Scarlet Runner beans in the centre. I love it!
So pretty!

Chicks and Hens

The fire pit, if you were allowed to have a fire. Not in this part of the country.

This is the new addition to the lake. Pam's outside Kitchen. It is so darn cute I could have taken a hundred pictures of it and all the little decorative touches she has found and added. Her cook stove is wonderful and such a lucky find.

This is inside, can you understand why she loves it? On the hot days, the heat is outside and the cabin stays cool. What a great idea!

The Shower House......I think I could live out here, and hot water! Ahhhhhhh! Heaven!

The Guest House......Sleeps 6 grandkids!

The Convenience Room, another decorated room!

I could resist this photo, I love Lighthouses....

Chet was taking our coffee down to the wharf, after having a cup of coffee, we took a wander around the cabin and walked over to the neighbors and looked at the beautiful flowers there. Then it was off for a boat ride checking out the other cabins on the Lake. I didn't realize there were so many islands within Summit Lake.  I now know the name of Pam and Chet's island and a few others that I promise not to forget. Thanks for the visit guys. It's very serene and tranquil out there, a perfect day. You are very lucky!

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