Sunday, August 22, 2010

Another Smokey Day

Well it hasn't been my fault for not seems Internet problems have been running rampid around the province and I was one of the lucky ones that was effected. Talk about frustrating! I just wonder how we ever made out before the Internet and computers became so much of our lives. Is it really a good thing that something so material became so much of our everyday lives? I think not. Sad really...... but I am up and running again thanks to my friend at Telus and to some nice lady from Quebec, who's English is as bad as my computer skills! But we got' er done.....Well I have managed to keep myself busy the last few days, albeit not taking anyone out in the process......but I finished my secret project and it turned out just great,  just need to find a latch......Big Box on the hill, unfortunately will be my next stop. I've been doing lots of reading as I only have a few weeks left before it's back to W.O.R.K...........oh my what a shock to the system that is going to be. Good thing it's only part-time.... I love my books.........

Trish and I went running this morning on the Hart.  It's not too smokey up there early in the morning and we had quite abit of rain last night to dampen down the ash and clear the air. Met a few friends with the same thought, a little foggy, and crisp but it was all good. I think that route will be a regular of ours at least till the snow flies. Then running along the highway is not such a good idea! Well must run and get somethings done.  I need to get a move on around here so I can get out before noon. Have a really nice day!

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