Sunday, August 8, 2010

Whirlwind Trip!

Smoke around Williams Lake
Well last Wednesday, the Hubby and I took off for Nelson. Jane had moved there back in June and I was still babysitting the fish, and she wanted her babies back... among other things. And we were happy to be able to take a trip to the Kootenays. I am sure I had been there at some point in my life way back but couldn't tell you anything about it. So it was an adventure for both of us. It started out early Wednesday morning and all the way to Kelowna the air was thick with smoke from all the forest fires burning in the province.
Christina Lake

It was really bad in some places and really gave you a headache after awhile. I feel sorry for the firefighters and the people that live in these areas. We've had some smoke from out West but not this bad.......we took the Rock Creek highway from Kelowna to Nelson as I like the Grand Forks area and wanted to see it again, plus we hadn't been to Castlegar or past Grand Forks so it was all new. We stopped at Christina Lake, which I had been too years ago but "man oh man" is it a beautiful lake and Warm!
We stopped in Castlegar briefly to fill up and have a look, not much there that's for sure. But more than Grand Forks retail wise. Then we boogied into Nelson arriving around 1:30pm. Jane and Dustin were waiting for us, and we unloaded the truck and then wandered around Nelson and had some lunch cause Dustin was starving (that's unusual) .....not! Then we booked into our hotel room the Prestige on the Lake. Beautiful place . We wandered around the marina for a while, while they went out the seadoos and we watched them scoot around the lake.
Dustin and Jane
We had dinner at a cute restaurant (Nelson is full of them) Jane's landlord and his wife, Don and Karen and then we packed it in. Friday was more wondering around the streets and checking out the quaint little stores full of artsy wares and some very high end imports! All geared towards the tourists. For the common folk there is Walmart, a few grocery stores, a couple of drug stores, but lots of restaurants, coffee bistros, pubs, sandwich cafes. Really cute, I guess I get it now why Jane wanted to move there. But let me tell you the winter will be a different story. Holy guacamole! You should see these streets! Makes San Francisco look like Saskatchewan! No kidding! They are straight up!
Tubing on Kootenay Lake

Jane and I tubing!

We had a blast going around in circles and the guys trying to dump us, but we held on for dear life and no such luck. But we did get soaked and looked like raccoons when we were finished. All in all it was a gas!
Jane had to work Saturday so we said our goodbyes Friday night after dinner and headed out early Saturday morning and  to Nakusp to catch the ferry to Revelstoke. What a gorgeous drive through the Slocan and Crescent Valley. We stopped in Nakusp at a Farmers Market and chatted with a few people from the area. Realy nice!

Shop in the town of Slocan

We drove from Revelstoke to Kamloops and checked in with Kait. She and Tor had to work Saturday night so we thought might as well go straight home. So after a good 14 hours on the road we arrived home. A very good trip and travelling to the Kootenays is well worth the drive. You should definitely put it on you bucket list! I'll bore you with some more photos again later. After all I took a mere 115 in three days!

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