Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A mixed bag today

The morning was a write off as I had to take our old cat Chowie to the vet AGAIN. We were there yesterday and the poor old cat was diagnosed with diabetes. So you know what that entails.....just like a person.....he has to have two shots of insulin a day, a special diet, cause he's a little on the portly the morning was spent going over the procedures and teaching me how to inject the insulin. It's a good thing he's such a docile old man. It will make it much easier. So the Hubs will have to take over while I am away.....oh dear

In the midst of vet runs yesterday, it was our "goodbye" luncheon for one of the teachers where I work. Joelle got more time at her "other" job so we sent her off with a little lunch. I made her an apron and hot pad, because I know deep down she is a girly girl, and her hubby will get a laugh out of it. I also painted her a sign for their cabin because they spend a lot of time out there in the summer. It turned out really cute but I forgot to take a picture of it! DUH!!! But the gist of it was "What happens at the cabin........stays at the cabin! And I know Joelle and her friends, it's best left out at the cabin. She's so funny! I am going to miss her, not to mention the awesome back/neck massages......makes me sad.........

Blue and brown girly apron

Apron with its matching pot holder

More yo-yo- flowers with buttons

Girled up the pocket with Flowers

This is Joelle, she's so pretty!

Of course, I had to model it!  My friend Pam took the photo
Then after that full on day, the hubs and I went out for a nice dinner at my favourite restaurant and naturally I had my favourite meal.......beets, pears, goat cheese and chicken with candied pecans. OH YUM!
We were suppose to run this morning but of course I woke up to the thundering of I texted Trish and she wasn't much into being a drowned rat and either was I. A little different when you start out and then it starts to raining but to head out when there is a river flowing down the road......OMG! It can stop raining anytime. At the moment it is blue sky and the sun is shining brightly......well lets hope the morning is the same. I'm off to finish a smart phone cozy. Have a nice night.

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