Thursday, June 23, 2011

Whoa! Where did that week go..................???

Well I did have good intentions of writing a few things this week but darn it all! I missed it. And not because I have been sirreeee Bob! The hubs is slowly on the mend, so I have been in charge of mowing the lawns....and well I have to do it just right apparently......Like I don't.....pfffffff....then I started all these little sewing projects and crochet projects, because I thought I was getting behind on things for our table in the Fall. So I made a couple of Kobo/Kindle carrying between "aprons" of course. Trish and I have had a couple of longish runs this week and back in the pool. Last Saturday we did a 15km run and I thought I had done myself in...... but I was okay on Monday to go out running again so we found a nice loop but toooooo many hills! Yikes! They are a killer. Then on Wednesday we just did our usual run.......she said they both were not good runs.....but I seemed to be okay. Touch wood. I know I am about a 15km girl and I can't push it right now.....but I need to be well rested so that when I get home in August, I will be able to train up for the Kelowna Half Marathon. I am looking forward to it so I really need to be careful......

According to the calender it is suppose to be summer now........I think it has by-passed us this year. Sad.....well with any luck it will appear after Friday when summer vacation starts. At this rate the grass will be a foot high and I will need a couple of goats. I picked up a couple of plants at the nursery on Sunday, a dark red Peony, not sure of the name off hand but I have been looking for one forever, and also two yellow roses. One is a Persian Yellow and the other is a Topaz Jewel so now is the dilemma of hmmmmm......where shall I make a new flower bed(s)??? Ripping up some more lawn! Ya baby!....As it stands now there are sections of our back lawn that needed an overhaul. So making a flower bed shouldn't be a big's just putting it in the right spot.

Red Peony

Topaz Jewel

Persian Yellow

I really liked this saying when I saw it......and honestly just think of the mess when you're done. It's just too exhausting. So the Happy Dance will be starting at three tomorrow......everybody get your shoes ready!

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