Thursday, June 2, 2011

Happy June!

I'm so far behind,  I think I'm in first place! I can't believe it is June already..... We've been home from Hawaii for a month and so far I think I have accomplished "diddly squat!" But how can that be when I have so many projects on the go? Oh I don't know, I just think it never I go downstairs to the basement yesterday because we were getting an estimate on new windows......well....   "Holy Guacamole!" What a flipping mess! It's been since Christmas that any of the kids have inhabited the basement so it's been a dropping ground for junk. So some serious cleaning is going to happen down there tomorrow. Cause yippee eye yo! Its Pro-D tomorrow (professional development) so I am taking the day-off and cleaning. Well that is after Trish and I have a long run planned for a wee bit later than usual so we can have a little bit of a sleep in. I love long weekends. So once things are put away and wiped down and all the creepy crawlers have been sucked up in the vacuum.....I may paint. I wish I could sell our pool table. No one uses it when they are home....and it takes up soooooo much room. So I will hide down there, put on the music and get it cleaned up. And it will be so much better when the new windows are in......and possibly I will put some new paint on the walls.

I found some more red and white geraniums yesterday and they need to be put into the front flower bed and the front will be planted. The Canucks are playing again Saturday against the Boston Bruins, so I want to BBQ and make a nice meal. I plan on trying something new Trish told me about, after work today I will get the ingredients and  it will have time to marinate.

June is a generous month with her precious gifts of lilacs and peonies. I can't wait for them to start blooming and to fill the house with their fragrances. Hopefully the days will be long and hot. Our smiles deepen, our laughter increases and our hearts lighten with the stress of winter behind us. Summer vacation is the best time of the year, time slows down to a flip flop routine. Nothing is written in stone and chores seem more pleasant. I hope you are making your plans for summer and enjoying the longer days. This month we can rediscover that it is life's enrichments rather than the "riches of life" that bring us true contentment. So bring it on!

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