Monday, June 6, 2011

So there it was .....gone!

That was one of the most productive weekends in a  long time. Having Friday off too "professionally develop" myself did wonders for my mood and for getting things accomplished. My day started early-ish 6:30 which is a few hours later than the norm but hey I'll take it. Trish and I were running up her end of the city so it was a nice change of scenery and a good all round run. Although......we did take off rather quickly and realized half way the error of our way....but too late we were running like the wind. And still managed to yap up a storm. With both of our days planned and a tour around her beautiful yard I was going home to start my mission. I finished planting the remaining geraniums along the driveway, ahhhh they look so nice. Then a quick bite to eat and a coffee I sat down to enjoy an episode of  "The Young and Restless".

Ya, ya, I know.....I've been watching that show longer than I've had kids. Funny none of them get any older looking. The characters remain the same, just the faces are different, anyways I love that show and very rarely do I get to watch it, so I did and got caught up again........then I was down to the dungeon to clean out the creepy crawlers and all the Spanish lace hanging about.....Yech! with that done in record time and smelling all bleachy I went outside and proceeded to mow lawns cause I am a wonderful wifey and didn't want the Hubs to have to come home after his week and do them. Plus being a tad OCD I usually like to do them once a week just to primp and fluff. I know eh! Give it up already Woman!  I have tried but to no avail I'm afraid. Born and bred that way. Not only did I mow them once but TWICE!!!! Sicko!!!! Yup that's me.....with that I knew I still needed to edge a few flower beds cause I live next door the Gardening Guru. So onwards .......I finished up around 2:40 after moving some flagstone stepping stones around, I heard a "pop" in my back so I knew I was pretty much done for the to clean up......Oh my.....had to have a shower before I could have a soak in the bubbles! Just a wee bit dirty......but no problem two muscle relaxants, a great cup of "Jo" and back for Fridays episode of Y & R.......yup she's a  tough one I know. "Big Mistake!" one should not sit and stop.......the rest of my day was spent horizontal .......where's a good masseuse when you need them? The rest of my weekend was pretty uneventful, other than a bake-a-thon on Sunday for the Hubs to take down to the girls....but hey that's how was your weekend? Good thing it was back to work today......I need a rest. Crikey!!

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