Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Roses, roses, back breaking......

So..... on the weekend I finally got around to making my new flower bed for the two rose bushes we bought. And I got the red peony in it's new home. I had found a new way to start flower beds and so I gave it a try a few years ago and it seems to work pretty well. Back there against the greenhouse. I think it will look quite lovely bright read against the white walls. So with my trusting partner watching and supervising (his back is still tweaking) .......I did most of the grunt work and he wheeled the dirt over to the bed and dumped the bags in. It wasn't that hard but I tend to go at it full board and worry about the repercussions later. Even my fingernails hurt from pulling up the sod. So here it is and if it stops raining I will finish up the back bed one day soon.

About twice the size as before.

Topaz Jewel

I was going to divide the Hostas,
 but they are just too beautiful in their giant form.

Need to finish with the edging and add more soil. And move a few things around
 Well it is our 25th Anniversary today, so we're heading out for dinner this evening with Grandpa as it would also be their anniversary if Weise was still with us. Loving the days off.....busy this week......lunches, sewing, crafting.......dinners......oh my goodness. How did I find time to work? Hope you have a grand evening! Cheers!

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