Friday, June 17, 2011

Oops! I'm doing it again!

Well my friends that know me well can attest to the fact when I get into something new I kind of go over the top with I started a new little sewing project! But I promise!!!!! I will not get carried away and become obsessed with making these little ditty's! They are just so darn cute! Look out friends you know you're going get one eventually! Sooooo it all started with these.......

Pink and yo-yo flower gingham apron from my daughter Jane.

The black and white paisley is from Kait, it's a little bit dressy.

This is the Sunflower Apron I just finished. Cute!

I love this one, and I love that the shoes match! And "no" I didn't make this one.

This is going to be my next one, just need to finalize the design. It certainly would help if I had a pattern.
So I been perusing a few blogs and have found a few that are dedicated Apronista's. In fact that is one of the blog names. Too funny! Just when I think I thought of something new .......I live such a sheltered life! Anyway, for now I am going to do a little crocheting before I pack it in for the night. So I am off to drink my tea and finish crocheting a cowl......why is it when the weather turns warm my mind wonders???? Running tomorrow just need to check with Trish as to the time. I know it won't be early so it's a sleep in morning....have good night!

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