Sunday, June 12, 2011

It's Saturday night.......and now's its Sunday!

Chocolate seems to be calling my name.....but the Hubs thought we should go for a drive instead of staying around the house. With no hockey on till Monday night not much to do in the evenings, we really aren't movie watchers and there isn't a chance of doing anything outside with monster mosttquitoes dive bonbing you and gnawing their way into your skin. So a drive we we are always on the look out for a smaller house but when it comes down to location, location........there is not another place that we have found that Steve would be happy with. Well.......there are a few places but I don't think I won 649 last night!
Our venture landed us up on the Hart in the Highlands and we drove around looking at yards and houses and came to Trish's street, but I don't think she was home, and as it has it, another couple we know were outside planting and washing their car so we stopped in to say "Hi!" and well one thing led to another and we were there for a few hours. Yvonne is "Gardener Extraordinaire" after wondering through her back yard I wanted to come home and rip out our yard! OMG! It was gorgeous! But...... it is also half the size of my yard. And that's a good thing! I think I would like to put a few more beds in, now that I have seen hers but I'm not sure really where to start....but I will think on it for a few days. She gave me a cutting of Lady's Mantle with a beautiful leaf and a real spreader so I will be careful where I put that baby! I wonder if she is will be available for a consult? I will have to ask her.

Lady's Mantle

I've always wanted a little bridge over a pond. Steve could go fishing!

Love the fact that there is no grass! I am sure the bird bath would be a perfect spot for Steve to have a perch!

Can you imagine moving these boulders around?!

I love these manicured lawns and yards and dream of having oodles of flower beds and bushes. So maybe that will be my next project when I am down work here in a few weeks........ before I head out for the Isle of Green. Hmmmmmm.......... wonder where I should start. Hope you're having a great weekend!

All you need is deep within you waiting to unfold and reveal itself.
 All you have to do is be still and take time to seek for what is within, and you will surely find it.

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