Friday, April 30, 2010

New Day, New Jeep

Well you see I am trying......Kaitlin came home yesterday, on the Greyhound, oh my goodness, that bus depot is an adventure....holy! The sights that you see....anyways onwards... A busy day today, Kait and her father hit the car lots early today in hopes of securing a vehicle. She had some ideas in mind and well sometimes things actually work out the way you think. So after test driving a few different types of cars and SUV's, they found one that would work. I think she is very pleased, I know I would be. It is a black beauty.

So now she has a vehicle that is reliable and safe to drive, it's new and will not
need new parts every time you turn around. So mission accomplished.

By the look on her face, I think she is very happy with her purchase.

Tomorrow, I am taking all my planters and pots out to Van Rhodes Nursery to be planted up. I painted them today as it had been awhile and they needed sprucing up. Next year I will have to find some new ones and toss these ones in the garbage. They don't make them to last, plastic breaks down after a few years. I am hoping to run on Sunday with Trish, so I really hope she is feeling better. Well besides what I have told you I also did laundry and baked "many" dozens of cookies and a banana loaf. Most of it will go back with Kait. Well that's it that's all. Last day of the month, hard to believe it is May 1st. tomorrow. Well I hope you had a great day. Happy Birthday Gigi! I hope you had a really nice day!

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