Saturday, April 17, 2010

C'est Fini!

The little sweater is completed, and I love it. Soooo cute! I think I will have to make another for myself, for the day that I too, have a wee granddaughter! I will have to include it in my list of things to be passed on to my children. You know just in case hell freezes over before the wee babe arrives!

Today I ran around town because I was on a mission to get organized in my closet. I have a slight addiction but apparently according to Denise, it's not a problem! Just a case of not a big enough closet space. Who would have thought? So now I know that would be the reason. Anyway, you will have to wait until tomorrow.

I talked to the girls tonight they are off to Chiang Mai in Thailand today, which is tomorrow over there. Then about a half hour ago Daniel called and he is well and liking Manitoba. He says it's really windy. I told him that's how I got my name! So I am off to finish watching the Canucks, and drink my tea. Goodnight!

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