Thursday, April 29, 2010

Boy Am I Late!

Boy am I late! I cannot believe that more than a week has gone by. I think I must have been soooooooooo busy I passed myself! As you can tell I feel just like the White Rabbit. I haven't been sitting around twiddling my thumbs, I have been trying to knit up all the wool I have stashed. Believe me "no" small feat!

The thing is......the weekend flew by with the girls making their way into Bangkok and then Kait flying home and Jane carrying on to Railay, I was a little preoccupied. Daniel also called from training wanting a book that nearly blew my mind wondering why? But being the "wonderful" mother that I try to be, I tracked it down at Books & Co, and mailed it off to him and he should have gotten it this week but then he was out on the range all week so he may not get it until the weekend. Kait is coming home tonight in about an hour, to collect her things and hopefully find a vehicle to drive. But realistically finding a car/track on such short notice....I don't think so. But her and dad will go look around and see what they can find.

Trish and I ran our longest distance in a while last Sunday, 9km and as tiring as it was and she was getting sick, it wasn't too bad. Monday, we went back to the pool and Tuesday she was done for, so I stayed home and ran on my treadmill and did some weights. Wednesday, Susan and I did a small run 6km just to see how it would feel and I was fine, so the trick is not every day, not fast, and not the challenge will be to keep that thought.

So I will try to catch up, the weather has been mediocre and not conducive to yard work and that's a good thing, I only have time for knitting at the moment! I am hoping Trish is feeling better on Sunday so we can do the river trails again. Good night! Have a good evening.....

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