Sunday, April 11, 2010

Climbing the Cutbanks

This is where the day began........

What a glorious day it was today! A mite chilly but the sun shone all day. The grass is really starting to "greenup". I was out and about early this morning as I have some crazy girlfriends. They wanted me to come with them to climb the "cut banks" but my better judgment and Trish's "threat to kill" me if I did, held me back and standing on the sidelines. So.....instead.......I took the photos! It was actually alot of fun and made the girls feel like they were running a race and they were winning!
There were 6 ladies and 4 little ladies. Heading up the hill!

Then here they come down the hill!

You can imagine the state of their shoes and feet. This all in the name of fitness. This would be my friends Denise and Trish. And the others I am not sure of their names, friends of Denise's. Denise's two daughters Kennedy,Sydney, and two other girls, were sure troopers to be doing this with their moms so early on a Sunday morning!

The six dirty ladies!

And I'm sorrry to report the photos of the little ladies did not turn out and I have no idea why. So sorry girls:(Then they had to run back to where they had parked their vehicles. So of course, I drove ahead and waited for them to come up the road. What a group, they had so much fun! But I know they will feel the "burn" tomorrow.

Now for some coffee, food and showers. Yes! In that order! This is just how beautiful it was down by the river.

So what did you do for excitement today?

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