Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sunrises and Sweaters

Well I don't want you to think I have been doing nothing all week. Monday, we hit the pool and endured 45 minutes of water running. But before getting to the pool, I was driving along Foothills and noticed the sun coming up and thought to myself I bet it's beautiful on top of the University Hill, so with a quick turn to the right, I headed up the hill and none too soon, as it was just about over by the time I got turned around and parked. You could just tell it was going to be a beautiful day. So I grabbed a couple of photos, unfortunately I only had my pocket camera but you get the idea. A gorgeous day was just waking up.

It turned out that Monday and Tuesday were both blue blazer days! Unbelievably sunny for April with temperatures in the 20's C. Tuesday morning Trish and I met up and this was going to be my test run. Well we/I squeaked out 5km and 30 minutes without any ill effects. Thank goodness! Do you have any idea how stir crazy I am going not being able to run? It's not pretty! Today we swam and did the kick board, not pleasant I can tell you. After Trish's kickboxing Tuesday night, the last thing her legs wanted to do was the kickboard! Tomorrow we will water run and try the actually running again on Friday.

Now back to the crafting, this was a project I started a few months ago and thought since I was in "knitting mode" I may as well finish this little one I started. I love the colors and it would be a perfect little pullover for the fall, matched with a brown pair of cords and a mustard colored turtle neck, yes I can see it all now! I may have to shop for the complete outfit. So here it is, doggy button and all!

So that's my story for the week so far. Time for tea and watch the Canucks. Have a great night!

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