Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Happy Feet Story

Today we were feeling a little silly. I have a friend at work Rene, she likes shoes. I like shoes. I also have another friend Sandra, she really likes shoes. Can you see a pattern here? Well of course you can, we are ladies who like shoes. Not very practical shoes, sometimes Princess shoes, comfy shoes, athletic shoes, you name them and we have them.

But we have a problem. Well not exactly "we" I mean "me". Rene is not a runner, Sandra and I are runners. If you know anything at all about runners, they have problems at times with their feet. Then there are the Princesses who have feet problems because of the shoes they wear. Heeheeee....

At the moment, I'm not the only one with "Unhappy Feet". The Princess does too. Gee, ya think? Only after hours mind you of shopping in these puppies! Silly Girl. Now I am the practical one with the good old reliable runners and orthodics. Isn't that bizarre?

I am really trying hard to wear proper footwear and let them heal. But when someone comes along with these beauties I am soooooo envious. I have many pairs of these shoes and can I wear them? Will I ever be able to wear them again? I guess..... if I give up running the answer would be "yes". but that would be the unfortunate part, I'm not giving in just yet. So this is my blog on "Happy feet" vs "Not So Happy Feet". So today we had a little fun with it at lunch. How was your day?

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