Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

I think I will be glad when the weekend is over. Way toooooo much eating.......And then with not running, I will probably weigh a ton by Tuesday! Well maybe not quite that much but it feels darns close. Today we had a really quiet day around here. Just the three of us. We had steak for dinner, and just lazed around.

Althou, Glenn did get the lawns raked and I am afraid our composter is history after the bear decided to tackle it last fall. There's no hope to put it back together. I went out for a bit to pick up a few things for Daniel before he flies out tomorrow will be a long while before we see him again and that makes me sad. It's a good thing we have Internet and texting in this day and age. A mother is never far from her chicks. So I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend. And the Easter bunny treated you to lots of chocolate.

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