Saturday, May 1, 2010

Spring Plantings

I made the trip out to Van Rhoodes this morning, and had all my planters potted up, is that really what I mean to say...oh well that's what I did. The crowd was just arriving as I was finishing up. Every year this greenhouse business has one weekend before Mother's Day when they have a special on plantings. It's a very good idea and I know it's was less expensive than doing it myself.

And they always, always look fantastic! Coming home is the best part, the car smelled of plants and dirt. If you have ever lived on a farm or in the country, you can understand the feeling is gives you. I miss living in the country. I don't miss the driving, but I do miss the air and the smell of dirt. Weird.... I know. But there are just some things in life that bring a peace within. And that's one of the things that does it for me.

But of course it is way too cold to leave anything outside this time of year. There is still a chance of frost, althou I think we are pretty safe for the next few weeks until the full moon. So in the meantime I have put them in the greenhouse for safe keeping. I "may" have to put a heater in there if it turns cold but I hope not. They were loving the heat in there this afternoon!

I quite like this creation. I glued two pots together for a Christmas display and thought I liked the effect, so I am leaving it this way. It will look quite nice on the front porch.

So that took care of my morning and then this afternoon Kait and I went shopping, looking for accessories for her job, you have "no idea" how hard it was to find Royal Blue accessories......someone needs to do some research before they decide what the dress code and accessories are going to be for the season. But we did find a few things and embellished a few others.
Well that was my day just waiting to hear from Trish and decide whether we are running in the morning. Have a good evening, time for tea.....

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