Monday, May 24, 2010

Before you know it...Monday

I saw this look on "Life in the Fun Lane blog" and I asked Holly what bush she used in her planters and she said they were Boxwood. So to jazz it up a bit with some color, I had to add some pinks and purples. Boxwood won't survive over the winter in the pot, so in the fall I will have to transfer it to a flower bed to sleep.

I really wish it would warm up a few more degrees so that I'm not running back and forth with plants, one minute it's warm and then the next night it is below freezing. Last night it really wasn't that cold but for some reason two of the cucumber plants fell over dead. I know it isn't from the cold because the other plants in the greenhouse were fine. Plus the heater was on. These are very finicky plants I really don't think they are worth the money that hubby pays for them. I think from now on we'll go with the $1.49 version. This weekend was "very" busy! Jane has been home since last Wednesday and her friend was here till Friday, not that they are any trouble, just more people than we are used too. Then on Sunday, Kait, Tor and Ayla came, so it's been pretty much a "food fest", and I am really not into cooking these days. Good thing they are easy to please, salads, and what ever there is to BBQ...tonight was a pasta feast.

My hubby has been very busy all weekend working on a project he started last week..our retaining wall of sorts was rotting away and the "bush" was starting to move into the yard, so he got one of those bush whacking tools and took out three truck loads of brush and trees, I like trees but I'm not one to be crowded out by them. I mean really... there is no shortage in this area. The yard is so much prettier and cleaner now. I'm happy.

Kait wanted to get some plants for their new place, so I had told her when she came up we would get some plants and pot them up. So this morning we went to Mr. Knapps and got a few flowers and tomato plants and then to Hunnifords for basil and basket fillers.

Tomorrow it is back to work and to the pool for some water running. Trish and I ran this morning and it was quite nice, just an easy run through town. Yesterday we did a 10k along the river trails, a first for us in a long while but everything felt good. But to be on the safe side, my slave driver is making me go water running tomorrow. We want to have a good summer to take us into the fall and some races. But no commitments soon.....

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