Friday, May 21, 2010

What a week....

How time flies when you're having fun...not...I have been home from work all week with what started out as a cold and developed into much more. And to top things up, I do believe that I am suffering from allergies for the first time in my if that isn't adding insult to injury! I feel sorry for anyone who suffers that closing off of the air passage...but I think I am on the mend finally. I am feeling a little house bound so I hope to be able to get out tomorrow and pick up a few groceries, the fridge is starting to look very empty. I am also needing a few craft items. I had an idea one day so I gave it a try and phffff it worked! Gotta love that!

I think they turned out quite nice. Kait is happy with them since they are for her and Tor in their new place.
I had this really outdated lamp hiding down in the basement.

When we first got this lamp it was very "in". It was pink and had a pink shade, Yes very "80"s well it went the way of the Doe-doe bird when we moved to town in 2003 and I decided to paint it cream and changed the shade to a Martha Stewart cream fabric shade. So is totally different and on a totally different level of decor.

Then of course I wasn't quite satisfied with the ribbon as I don't care how good you are, it is very hard to put ribbon around a lamp shade. So I came up with solution I had seen on another blogsite, and it did help with the look.

And it is now back in the present.

Well Kait likes it so that's the main thing, and she is going with the beachy theme so shells and, whites, blues are part of the decor. I hope this week I can finally get out and find the fabric to make the headboard and look around for a coffee table to refinish in white.
Number one daughter arrived home from her Southeast Asia travels, so I am happy my children are all back on Canadian Soil. Thailand was not the place to be with all the political unrest. Now back to reality! That's gonna hurt!
We've had a lot of rain, so I hope the pollen has settled down, my legs are starting itch! I think will try for a run on Monday...something slow.....time for tea...goodnight.

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