Friday, May 28, 2010

TGIF, bring on the weekend

For a short week, it was certainly a long one. Our weather has been very nice all week and after the girls and Tor left on Wednesday, I started putting the house back to normal. Yikes!
I primed the "ugly" table and it looked much better. Today I sprayed it "Heirloom White" and it looks sooooo nice. I will post a photo tomorrow when it is completely done. I'll have to see if I can find some baskets to go on the shelf. I also made some coasters for the table, I made them from dark grey slate tiles. Very simple, very easy.

But I wanted to put these photos up of the girls biking in Vietnam, I saw these and laughed so hard.

Jane's expression is priceless. It just seems so funny for her to be riding a bike. I can't even remember her ever riding a bike!

This one of Kait looks so natural. Just riding along on her bicycle through the streets of Hoi An. At least that's one city I know they were in, but it's probably not that one in particular. But they are such cute pictures, I couldn't help but share them.

Tomorrow Trish, Denise and I are going to run the Elsie Gunn Trail. I've been wanting to do that run ever since I started running. I must remember to bring my small camera, the view from the top is suppose to be awesome. I have many things planned for the weekend. And I bought more flowers! I know I'm bad!
Must get those in tomorrow.....soooo pretty....night!

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