Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mmmmm...I wonder?

Well I am onto a new project. Kait and Tor bought a coffee table at a garage sale. Paint can transform anything from ugly to pretty in a matter of hours. Simply amazing! So far I have sanded the paint drips off the top and cleaned up some of the nicks, but they will add character, so I don't sand them out completely. But most of the varnish is off. I bought the really good primer by Kilz, it covers anything and is a perfect stain blocker, because you know what pine is like. Yuck!

So I will get on this more tomorrow but for now I am done. Way too much going on here the last few days and I am tuckered right out. Water running tomorrow. But for now it is lights out for this chick. Talk soon, have a great evening!

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