Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to my mom and all the moms out there. I have talked to two of the three. But unfortunately, I was out running this morning and missed Daniel's call, as he was first on deck this morning and they probably go in alphabetical order so it will be a while before he might get a chance to call back. Darn it anyways.....

But Jane called from Thailand from the Bamboo Bar, quite loud and some competition was going on, some sort of Thai fighting... she will be home in Canada in a week, I don't think she really wants to come back but oh well back to reality and saving up to go again. Kait is back in Kamloops and they are looking for a place to live and may have found something this morning, this will be her first day back to work too. I am sure it will be very busy there today!

I talked to my mom and she will have a quiet day, go for a walk and take it easy. that I would like to see!
I ran with Susan this morning because Trish is out in Ft.St.James doing a relay to Vanderhoof. Susan ran from our house across town and then Larry drove us back. Nice to have a destination and then not worry about how to get back or have to run it back.
Well I hope everyone has a really nice day and you are pampered and the sun is shining!

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