Sunday, May 30, 2010

Well I don't know what goes by faster, the weekends or the months? Can you believe it is the end of May already? I can' just seems the other day April started. I have to admit I am sooooooooo looking forward to June 25Th, my last day of work till September. Yea!!!!! I have so many projects lined up and runs I want to do in the two months. I really don't think there is enough time but I can amaze even myself when I get on a roll.

I finished Kait and Tor's living room table and the jury is still out as to whether I am happy or not, with the paint. I'm sure I am the only one that notices these things but sometimes I just expect a little too much I guess. I'm thinking I need a paint sprayer, of course then I would need a place other than my garage to do the spraying, because "yooooooo" wouldn't that make a mess!

So here is the table, not pine any more that's for sure. I also got four chairs from a lady and sanded and painted them, as they have a table without any chairs. The price was right "Free" so I couldn't go wrong and besides which, they are better than anything I had when I first started out.


So between painting and gardening and weeding, Trish and I got our run in on Saturday morning but unfortunately not knowing where we were going other than the general direction.......we didn't really run the Elsie Gunn Trail.....we ended up somewhere up above the river running along the power lines. But that's okay too because it was a good hard run as both us were feeling the burn today. I think this is a funny photo of Trish because she "hates" bridges!

Notice how she isn't looking over the edge, or standing to close to the guard rail!
Can't blame her. I really wanted to look over the edge and get a shot of the train come underneath the bridge but "yikes" no can do!

I have the urge to throw myself over when I get too close to the edge too. But I am okay running on the outside, I let her run on the inside. So other than going the wrong way we did clock over 11km so it's all good.

Today was spent painting and planting. The "Greens Keeper" mowed the lawns AGAIN, he just did them yesterday but they have been growing like mad because of the fertilizer, and so the first swipe doesn't really do it. Much nicer the second time. So that was our weekend. I need a rest so it's back to work tomorrow! Good night......sleep tight!

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