Saturday, January 1, 2011

What a great run.....

We had an awesome run this morning. But of course ignorance is bliss or so they say! Annie had a route planned out and well, we were ready for an adventure. Ah!  If I had known before hand I surely would have bailed. But off we went from the Starbucks in the CH shopping centre and headed toward the Blue Spruce Trail by the university. Well that part was okay but the one thing I wasn't counting on was the 6kms of up hill to get to that point. Yes my thoughts were heading to murder about half way and to bury our leader in the woods! But I survived and we made it to the trail without any ill effects. I was sure missing my  toast and peanut butter though. Crikey! So we head out down the trail chatting away as five women can, and around the corner and up a hill we came upon a moose chomping on some brush. Well you've never seen 3 women turn around so fast and take off in the opposite direction! Dang nab it! I didn't have my camera!!!! Annie and I were both cursing that we missed bringing our cameras. So we followed the other 3 and Mocha (Tanya's dog) and went trail running through the bush. It was fantastic!  We did the old Pocahontas running through the forest, it was a gorgeous, and of course kicking ourselves that we had no camera.  We really had no idea where we were heading but we just stayed right and low and behold we came back out on the main Blue Spruce Trail. There wasn't  time to go out to the meadow so we headed back towards the beginning of the trail.... well guess who we came upon in the same place? Yup! The moose. Well we didn't have a choice we had to just run past her. I don't think she could have cared less. Mocha looked at her and thought hmmmmm.......lets just keep running okay Mom? So we did and we laughed when we got to the parking lot.  Too funny......Well we looped around the university and headed back to Starbucks for a much needed latte. That had to be the best run in a while, 13km and at a good pace that I am sure without a doubt burned off the Ferrrero Rocher chocolates from the night before.

Momma Moose

This could have been exactly where we were!

Anyways these aren't my photos but you will get the idea of what we did today. What fun! But next time there will be a camera!!!

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  1. I would so love to make that our Saturday run. It was soooo much fun, even with Gail cursing me the whole uphill. Good power leg workout. Now Gail, you just need to beef up a bit so those scrawny legs a bit. Next time a camera is a must.