Monday, January 17, 2011

A crocheted hat or two

I have been wanting to crochet a toque or hat for quite sometime and haven't really found anything that I could wrap my brain around. Patterns and me don't always agree. But last week while I was perusing Ravelry, I searched for an easy pattern, and low and behold one popped up that seemed to call my name. Well it had a few glitches but that just goes without saying. But I managed to pull off a couple and added a few embellishments to make them mine. I think they turned out really cute. And they don't look too shabby on either!

Crocheted Grey Clouche avec la fleur and ribbon

Crocheted Burgundy Clouche avec fleur

Steve was not very happy but he did play along with me modelling my new creations. So this week I have on the go a crocheted cowl. Sooooooo excited! I love hand knits!
On another note.................
Trish and I ran this morning, pulled on our Princess crowns and headed out on the road. Well, did I mention it snowed another 6 inches!!!! Holy Guacamole! But we ran 7km and it really wasn't so bad, as we ran down the middle of the road, no traffic you see at 5:30 in the morning. A few times we jumped into a snow bank or high-tailed it over a snow bank but all in all, it was a good run! Ciao for now........

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  1. OMG those hats are beautiful!.....and I love your model.....the first shot in particular looks like he really knows what he's doing! Love it!