Friday, January 21, 2011

A little stir crazy...

So this week I have been going a little stir crazy because since last Saturday night we have received over 2 feet of snow. All right already, enough is enough, I say! Geez Louise, I like winter but in small doses. So in order to preserve my sanity, OK ! Well...... keep what sanity I have left in tack.....I crocheted a few things this week. I found a quick and easy crochet pattern for a cowl. Of course I just happen to have 2 skeins of an oatmeal blend, beautiful and soft and it whipped up rather nicely. And a few skeins of a lavender blue......I'm pretty sure the shell is starting to crack........

This is my friend and co-worker Rene, she is now the proud owner of the Oatmeal cowl.

This is the Lavender blue cowl, I will keep this one for moi!

This is a hat I made for my friend Trish, she wanted black and I thought I would "sass" it up with a big bow.

Now you tell me, is this a wee bit over the top when it comes to snowfall?? I should think so!!!!
Enough already!

There's going to be a tunnel very soon along the front walk
So tomorrow as a treat, I am heading to Michaels because when a girl is starting to get cabin fever, she should march right into a craft store and search out her next project. I'm thinking I want to make a wreath hanger to hold a small wreath on my counter. Yup and along with some wool to make up a blankee for Jane. So wish me luck in the morning, Trish and I will be doing a longish run, and I am darn sure when I return our runners are going to be soakin' wet. Darn weather! Can it not just stay -10C and be done with it till March. Ciao for tonight!

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