Sunday, January 9, 2011

morning birthday run

It was Trish's birthday on Saturday so we did the scenic river trails run. It was a little drab and gray yesterday so the photos don't turn out as nice as it really looked. But we had a good run. Of course the 4 inches of snow we had got on Friday didn't make it so fun to run through. Similar to running on a beach.....good for those quads. Hard, hard, hard......we weren't impressed. Part of the river trail had been plowed but they hadn't got to the second half. It was a killer and we thought it would never end. But it's a great run and so pretty. We could hear the ice cracking as the water flowed past. A little eeery but cool. So in all the years I have lived in this town, I finally took a picture of the old bridge, I'm not sure if its called the Nechako Bridge or the Fraser Bridge because it's right where the two rivers meet. But years ago you could drive on it but not anymore. It's just for the trains.

So she will probably kill me for putting that shot in, but what are friends for. Happy Birthday Trish! I hope your day was great!

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