Friday, January 7, 2011

Today's Agenda.....Make Lists

The first week back to work after Christmas Vacation and I feel like I need a vacation! Why do short weeks feel so long? I think everyone was having eating withdrawls and thinking they needed a nap all week long. But here it is TGIFriday and the week is done. It was nice to sleep in this morning, I've started making it a habit of Friday as a rest day. We will run on Saturday but with all the snow we had this week,  I am sure the Trails will be abominable. And can you imagine how hard that will be to run through foot deep snow!?? I don't think so Annie! We may have to veto her plans, if she has one!

My friend Pam gave me an organizer for Christmas, cause she knows how much I like to make lists (not) and she is bound and determined to make a "List Maker" out of me. Hahaha! I try, really! But like I've said before I am kind of a "fly by my pants" kind of girl and when you write something down it guilts you into actually doing it! But the book is darn cute. So I am making an effort to put it to good use. There are some great cartoon caricatures and saying that are priceless. Here's boo............

Always the Optimist

I'm pretty sure they are referring to me.

My New Motto

These are a gift from my friend Trish, I love them........
so clever

My rosette flower with a pearl button.
I 've been checking out a few blogs and how the girls have been making these felt roses and I thought I would try making Kait a few headbands with rosettes and flowers. We'll see how frustrated I get. Doing handwork sometimes makes me feel very stressed and I think that I am much more relaxed with a table saw and a can of paint! We shall see how it goes this weekend. Have a great one!

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