Sunday, September 5, 2010

Took a trip back.....

Not much was happening around here this weekend, just chilling. So we took a drive out to the valley to have a look around. Our house is still standing but it doesn't look like it did when we lived there. I don't think she is much of a yard/gardener, and I guess that's what happens when you go back to your old houses. No one ever seems to look after them the way you did and it's kind of sad. We really enjoyed living in the country and I know our kids benefited from it, because they all miss country life. So roots are important in the development of their little minds and bodies.

Salmon Valley house

Salmon  Valley Elementary

All our kids went to this school and it is hard to believe that they closed it last June. A lot of time was spent here. Many Airband Performances, Christmas Concerts, Sports Days.....yup kind of sad the kids have to go to town now. Country schools give your kids a good start in life. Unless of course they have a bad few years with teachers that should move on. But that's another thorn in my side.  They do survive, the kids that is. Barely........And they move on to bigger and better venues.
So we took a drive around and looked at all the friends places and property we frequented. Times change and by the looks of some places not very gracefully did some of the places age. I can't understand why people let their places go. I am happy to say I am glad we moved to town when we did, I love my house in town and not having to drive that highway everyday. Too far to town and too many trips.
So Saturday was a good day, Trish and I pushed our limits and ran 17km, it felt fine and we didn't suffer any ill effects during the day, other than hunger and tiredness. That was our longest run in a very long time as we don't want any injuries.  It was good to know we can run that far and for 1:45.  We are changing our running schedule this week, Monday, Wednesday, Friday and one day on the weekend for a bit longer. This will encourage us to eat properly and drink lots of water during the day. Today was the Labour Day Classic and I will post those photos of the kids shortly. Quin, Marc and Ava did great! Oh and Susan too! See ya!

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