Saturday, September 25, 2010

Mmmmm.....Apparently not!

Well Trish and I made an amazing discovery today. One we had been pondering for quite sometime. This morning as we hummed and haw'd about what kind of day it was going to be, we threw caution to the wind and went for our run. We stayed around town and didn't venture out to the Greenway, as there has been toooo many bear sightings and moose sightings for these city chicks! We were all decked out in our rain gear with hopes that it would stop raining before we actually started. The run started out just right just light sprinkle, not bad at all. Of course after the wind storm all night and down pour that echoed in our ears from the night, we took off. Well.... I had not looked at the temperature as it has been around 6'C most of the mornings,  if today it was not 14'C.......a little over dressed that's for sure. So the coat got taken off and tied around the waist. Sleeves were shoved up and away we went, it was really quite pleasant running with just a sprinkle. And theeee most amazing thing happened! We didn't melt! Apparently.....we are not made of sugar and did not melt! Phffff! Sure glad that myth has been disspelled......Here we thought all along we would simply disappear one morning. Well we had a good run, and made it back to Tim's much to our dismay, soaking wet, shoes squishing, hats sodden and still not dry. It was a lot of fun! We did our usual critiquing of houses and their decor, solving our decorating dilemma's etc. And sussing out new projects for the rest of the weekend. No time for coffee this morning, so we grabbed a few cups each and headed home to hot showers. So one can just never tell when they are going to have an "AHA" moment. Hmmmffff go figure!

Another awesome Pumpkin Topiary courtesy of Southern Living Magazine
Have a good Sunday. Rest day tomorrow, and back at it Monday morning. Enjoy!

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