Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ramblin's of a Runner

I Run Because…..

I run because I love it,  for dark chocolate, to be healthy, be fit, eat pasta, pumpkin lattes, look good in skinny jeans, run up stairs, feel younger, be happy, less stressed, breathe deeper, have fun, go the extra mile, push the limits, go hard, feel life, I run for myself.

Running is hard, no doubt about it. But on the mornings when the last thing I want to do is get out of bed at 4:30 am, I get up, have my coffee, toast with peanut butter. Put on my running clothes, Mizunos, GPS watch and head out the door. Some days it’s the first 5km that are the hardest and other days it’s the last 5km. Somedays it's just the whole run. But each day brings new challenges, longer hills, faster paces, further distances, longer times, and new conversations with friends along the way. Creative thoughts that come while running in the rain, dark mornings are my favourite time to run.

When the dawn is breaking, the sun starts to rise, the world is waking up, people are heading to work and I am feeling all moist from sweat and flushed, I know I am alive. I look forward to running in the cold winter mornings, seeing my breath, feeling like the only person in the world, revelling in the solitude and peace that comes with the fresh fallen snow. Call me crazy, call me addicted, that I am. I am happy I found this addiction, happy that I can finally call myself a runner. It hasn’t always been that way and granted there are days when it just doesn’t happen but the majority of the time once I am out, it’s all a better place to be.

See what I mean rambling......tomorrow is another day on the road....have a good night!

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