Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Just Adorable!

Well there I was sitting on the couch, recovering from a morning at the dentist after having some minor surgery, getting a tooth extracted and a bridge prep.  Not a fun time, no sireee....I am not a fan of dentistry but you do what you have to do, to keep those pearly whites. At least that's what I keep telling myself. So to pass the time, I was talking to my Mom on the phone and enjoying a cup of coffee. When low and behold I looked out in the backyard and there was a mother black bear and her two cubs.

One brown baby and one black baby

Well they spent quite a bit of time roaming around but the one little black guy was in a pickle cause he couldn't figure out how to get out of the backyard . Mom and the brown cub went over the fence but Blacky was betwixt and between and a tad worried...especially with a strange being taking photos.

He couldn't figure out for the life of him how he was suppose to get over the wire fence.
But eventually he figured it out but by this time mom had gotten over the next fence and was devouring a tree full of apples. I mean really how many times do people have to be told to get rid of the apples.  These people are regularly visited by bears, so I sure hope from their stupidity it doesn't get these guys killed. Not the bears fault if there is a bushel and a peck of food just waiting for them.

Starting to panic!

He was scared of me taking photos of him, so he climbed the tree.

Browny was playing around, whilst his brother or sister figured the fence out.

Mom was pretty big, shiny black and a rather large derriere but I am sure if I posed a threat she could have caught me, even with her large butt! But she was bent on finding food, so she wasn't hanging around the yard.  She knew where she was going!

Her kids were pacing back and forth below the fenced yard she was in so she thought she should get back over to the other side, she did take a look at Quin and I and then hightailed it back to her kids.

When Quin and I were watching the little guys, they were prancing around on their hind legs wondering how the dickens Mom had gotten away on them. But she wasn't far away. She made her return so back they came into the neighbors yard. They took a breather before hiking over the fence, where they sat in the bush  figuring where they should head to next.
I know they are dangerous  but they were so darn adorable, especially the babies. The mom, not so much but she was a beauty.  Besides really,  we are living in their way to food and water.  I was pretty confident I didn't pose a threat to them and Mom knew I wasn't going to hurt her babies. So that was my excitement for the afternoon and 35 shots of bears that I won't bore you with. Well I hope your day was a thrilling as mine. Minus the dentist of course, wouldn't wish that on any of my friends! Have a good one!

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