Monday, September 6, 2010

Labour Day Classic Run

No, I did not run in the Labour Day Classic, I do not enter races as I always end up getting hurt. It must be a psychological thing. Anyway, I do have some rambuncious kids next door that love to go in races.
Ava waiting for the start with Dad.

Marc waiting at start line

This was the end, they both did really well running the 1km. Marcs time was under 4 minutes and Ava wasn't too far behind. Cookie medals for participants.

Next came the 5km and the 8.5 mile run. Susan and Quin ran the 5km. And afterwards we think that if not for a few sidelines Quin could have been a contender for first. But he came 6th in the Bantam class which really isn't fair as the age went all the way up to 18. They really need to change how they organize the ages. Regardless Quin's time was awesome and we were all very proud of him. This was only the 3rd time he has ran 5 km. his time was around 25 minutes....pretty darn good if you ask me. There would be "no way" I could go that far that fast. Maybe in 30 minutes but not 25......Pretty sure.
Happy ending to a well run race. Good job Quin and Susan!

So today was Labour Day as well as our darling Kaitlin's Birthday. Yes, she was born on Labour Day but I can't say that it was all that labourous. Easy peasy actually. Happy Birthday Kitty! Best wishes and love always Mom and Dad

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